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    David Letterman Anyone that has met, seen, heard of, or listened to David Letterman can immediately tell he has a likable and humorous personality. Anyone studying him can see that his “clowning,” as he called it, is more than simple clowning in its accepted sense. In inventing weird disasters and making up places that did not exist, which he did quite often as a weather man for channel 13, he was indulging himself in another facet of his complicated humor. It was “nonsense”-nothing more

  • David Letterman

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    David Letterman David Letterman grew up in a small town in eastern Indiana. He was born to Joseph and Dorothy Letterman. After reading the novel, "David Letterman: On Stage and Off" by Rosemarie Lennon, I have learned about all his struggles and joys. Because of this book, I feel sorry towards one of the funniest people on Earth, David Letterman. I also admire him for his good acts and abilities. To realize why I feel what I feel toward Letterman, you have to look at some of the main

  • Jay Leno: Hard Work and Success in the Comedy Industry

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    Jay Leno: Hard Work and Success in the Comedy Industry At a young age it is instilled in the mind that hard work pays off, and that following these words of wisdom can ultimately lead to success throughout life. For those skeptics and nonbelievers, Jay Leno has been a real-life example in proving this theory through his great success in the comedy industry. Though Jay Leno is known as the king of late night television today, he didn’t start out on top, and it was a long journey to get there. Jay’s

  • Television Talk Shows

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    Television Talk Shows The United States’ longest running program is actually a news/talk show called Meet the Press. It began as a radio program in 1945, and had little changes when it was aired on NBC for the first half-hour television broadcast in November 1947. Meet the Press May have been the first talk show to be shown on television, but it wasn’t the first regularly scheduled talk show. Sylvester Weaver produced the first regularly programmed talk show called Broadway Open House from

  • When Irony Becomes Cynicism

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    	Understanding modern culture can be very difficult. There are so many parts and variables that make up modern culture, and on top of that, these parts are always changing. In that sense, identifying and analyzing a specific trait in modern culture can be extremely challenging. Pinpointing a trait that is so frequently overused it is often taken for granted. Then being able to explain it so well that people will be able to understand and see this trait as if they had never used, or been a part

  • Timothy Treadwell: Clinically Insane

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    name. He even had foxes come up to his camp site. He yelled at one of them when it stole his hat and he even chased after it and scolded it. Also on an interview with David Letterman he said that “it was important that the bears know that he fits on their hierarchy.” He also dismissed the possibility of death in the interview. Letterman asked if it was possible that we would read of his death and he laughed it up and said no. He thought since the bear... ... middle of paper ... ...pared for all

  • The Urban Legend of Tommy Hilfiger

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    for quick fixes, instead of facts. The Tommy Hilfiger Rumor has all of the signs of the urban legend. As Defined by Craughwell “urban legends are usually passed by word of mouth and by E-mail”. Urban legends have many variations (Craughwell 9,13). David Emery from has two of the most common variations of the E-mail in his article. Before there were any rumors of him on the Oprah Show, It was a “news article” in a “Philippian tabloid in 1996” as Barbara Mikkelson explains in her article.

  • Smoking and Tobacco - Cigarettes and Addiction

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    school students can be seen smoking tobacco on their way home. College students also can be seen on campus smoking tobacco. Celebrities, especially movie stars, are smoking on TV shows and movies. Silvester Stallone in the movie "Cop land" and David Letterman are some examples of the celebrities. Over 30 percent of all people in the United States of America are heavy smokers -addicts- of tobacco. "Current smokers rose from 22 percent to 35 percent betwee...

  • Cardiovascular Disease

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    Imagine what it would be like to have just started your senior year of high school and be involved in softball, basketball, and numerous other activities and organizations, and find out that your dad has to have a quadruple bypass surgery and won’t be able to attend any of your games, which will keep most of your family members from being able to as well because they are trying to take care of him. That was the reality for my best friend, Kathy Jo, last year. Cardiovascular disease does run in

  • Mitch Hedberg: Comedy As A Form Of Comedy

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    Comedy in many ways is a form of art. People use comedy as a catalyst for conversation, a way to cope with grief and as a way to help deal with real world situations. Not everyone has a sense of humor and so many people have differing views on what they believe is funny. Comedy is often thinking outside of the box and having a different view on regular situations that occur in day to day life. Mitch Hedberg seen these regular situations and found a way to put them into a perspective many would never