It Governance Is An Important Concept Of The Information Technology

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IT governance is an important concept in the information technology. The IT governance structure lays out the level of authority, decision-making process and the way issues are resolved. It ensures that companies stay on track to achieve their strategies and goals, implement good ways to measure IT’s performance, and shows what key metrics management needs and what return IT is giving back to the business from the investment it’s making (Schwartz K, 2007). IT governance helps to achieve cooperation between business and IT, and IT involvement of senior management (De Haes S, 2014). Many organizations encounter frequent changes in administration that affect policy, processes and priorities. IT governance structures can help manage change so that changes in management of information are not affecting the organization’s mission (American Public Human Services Association, 2015). Managing these changes help keeps the procedures remaining in place when there are changes in workers and management. IT Governance in the Air Force focuses specifically on information technology systems, their performance and risk management. The primary goal of IT Governance is to mitigate the risks that are associated with IT and provide communication and knowledge management excellence. The Air Force achieves this goal by implementing an organizational structure with well-defined roles for the responsibility of information, business processes, applications and infrastructure (Brisebois R, 2014). Every Air Force base has a Communication Squadron’s Focal Point that plans, operates and maintains all the communication systems. They control and provide service for management services. They resolve repair tickets, as well as prioritize and direct all s... ... middle of paper ... ...s trying to penetrate the government IT. The systems need to be resilient and trustworthy so that every decision made is right and action is effective. The security has to be increased and young airmen who have access to government information have to be better trained and informed. Constant education of the airmen is necessary. The Air Force has to be on top when it comes to security of its information. There needs to be a system in place to quickly identify members who stop participating in the reserves and shut off their ID card. There are not only military people working in the Air Force. Civilians work at many installations, and both have different communication styles as they got their trainings at different places. Both have to make sure the information is delivered so that tasks can be implemented in the right way and a mission can be successful.
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