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Information Technology (IT) is a foundation for conducting business today. It plays a critical role in increasing productivity of firms and entire nation. It is proven that firms who invested in IT have experienced continued growth in productivity and efficiency. Many companies' survival and even existence without use of IT is unimaginable. IT has become the largest component of capital investment for companies in the United States and many other countries.

Accounting/Finance application systems like Peachtree, Net Suite and QuickBooks let you manage your business with a little or no experience. All three application systems allow the users to manage the companies' capital including bookkeeping, inventory, non-inventory & service items, sales orders, purchase orders, and reports. It allows the companies to keep tracking of the financial assets and at the same time have the information the accountant needs. Using the accounting/finance application system, makes it easier to enter and process the data rather than manually enter and process the data.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package which is developed by Intuit, Inc. It was launched in the 90's and since than it is one of the market leaders in accounting software. The software was designed to help the small business owners who had no formal accounting training. Very shortly after the introduction, there was no doubt that the product is going to be a hit. With a deep focus for the non-accountant, and a lower price than the competitor's products, it outsmarted its competitions. Intuit states that the company's mission is to create new ways to manage personal finances and small businesses that are so profound and simple, customers cannot i...

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...rver environment is supported for Windows XP Pro/2000 Server/Server 2003 Terminal Services.


QuickBooks software packages are very affordable and proven to be very simple to use for small business owners. Besides offering simple and basic software packages, QuickBooks offers a wide range of packages for larger growing firms also. Many of QuickBooks competitors that were in the market when QuickBooks launched are no longer around. In the past, Microsoft attempted to launch accounting software products (Microsoft Money and Microsoft Profit) in QuickBooks market with no success. Leading accounting software, Peachtree, is generally designed more from the accountant's perspective than QuickBooks is which leaves QuickBooks a market leader in small business accounting software. Intuit, Inc had annual revenue of nearly $1.9 billion in its fiscal year 2004.

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