Personal Narrative- My Reasons for Entering the Air Force

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My initial reason to enter the Air Force was a great way to pay for college which turned into a call of duty and a service commitment which has actively allowed me to contribute to the Air Force mission. Thus far I have led a joint force search and rescue effort and a multinational exercise to preserve freedom. As an F-15E instructor WSO and combat mission ready WSO I actively contribute to ensure our freedoms are preserved and the attacks of September 11, 2001 will never happen again. My Air Force story begins with me searching for a viable way to pay for college. I was brought up in a home with two hard working parents who were great role models that tried to provide every opportunity for me. However, my family was part of the lower-middle class which meant I needed a way to pay for college. I followed suit with my parent’s stringent work ethic and set a goal to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering and have the Air Force fund it. I felt that the Air Force would be a great match as it would allow me to pursue my aviation dream and also serve as a great way to fund my education due to my financial needs. After a challenging process I received an Air Force ROTC scholarship to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology and pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering. In return for this scholarship I would have to pay the Air Force back with four years of service. While at Georgia Tech the September 11, 2001 attacks took place making my commitment to the Air Force from one of paying back my scholarship to one of service to my country and defense of my nation. After four rigorous years I received a commission in the United States Air Force to fly F-15E Strike Eagles as a Weapons Systems Operator (WSO). As a WSO I have tw... ... middle of paper ... ...s the world to execute the Air Force mission at a moment’s notice. Being part of the 389th Fighter Squadron allows me to be able to conduct a variety of missions (close air support, defensive counter air, air interdiction) allowing me to contribute directly to the Air Force mission. My service to the Air Force adds directly to generation of air power and the execution of global strike and precision engagement anywhere at any time. My journey into the Air Force was one that started off as a business transaction which transformed into one of duty, honor, and service. I have had the distinctive honor of leading joint forces to search for downed aircrew and leading multinational forces to increase combat capability on the Republic of Korea. I know that I am a part of the Air Force lethal force and am prepared to answer my nations calling in any way required.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they were able to contribute directly to the air force mission after graduating from the f-15e formal training unit.
  • Describes how they were selected to lead aircrew on a unique mission tasked directly to their fighter squadron by the pacific air force commander.
  • Describes how they entered the air force as a call-of-duty and service commitment to ensure our freedoms are preserved and the attacks of september 11, 2001 won't happen again.
  • Explains their role in the united states air force as an f-15e wso, and how they train and mentor younger aircrew to be combat mission ready and deploy across the world.
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