Is a College Degree Really Worth It?

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In present day, it is expected that after high school students continue their education to college. Therefore, it is no surprise to say that most students follow the pedigree, making a bachelor’s degree dilute to the value of a high school diploma. Yes, it is great that you obtained a bachelor’s degree, but it doesn’t differentiate you from the other hundred people who apply for the job position. Now, advanced degrees like masters and doctorates are what count. Not only does it [bachelor’s degree] not give you a better chance at an entry-level job, but also, the majority of college graduates are swimming in a pool of debt. So in the end, after all those years of studying, the dollars in debt and the chance of not even getting a job in your field of study, is a college degree really worth it? I believe it is, if you’re passionate about your major you’ll look past these obstacles as they can be overcome by determination. Being a college graduate is a great often sought out accomplishment, and it comes with it’s rewards: financial stability, a better quality lifestyle and acquired skills in those four years that will last you two lifetimes.
Once college graduates enter the workforce, there are usually two sides to the whole income situation, it’s either: “you’re making the same amount of money as a person without a degree,” or, “you’re not going to get a job in your field of study because unemployment is too high.” Luckily, those are just common misconceptions--- yes, you’re probably making the same amount of money as a person without a degree but it definitely will not be for long, and no, just because there is an unemployment rate won’t mean you’re not going to get a job in your field of study. In fact, according to the Eco...

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