The Problem Of Student Loans

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Student Loans Recently, as a High school Senior planning to attend college, I have been looking at how I am going to pay for college. The more I research student loans, the more I feel fortunate enough to have parents who are willing to help me pay for college to keep me from graduating with debt. Student loans causing debt should be considered a crisis. Even though some may disagree, students struggling to pay off loans, students needing jobs in their field of study, and colleges needing to help students with debt, is causing a crisis. Some people do not believe that student loans are causing a crisis. One of the points made when stating that student loans are not causing a crisis is that students can receive a well paying job with a degree. Allan and Thompson show statistics such as the weekly earning for each level of education compared to the average amount people earn in a week. While an Associate’s degree and lower earns a student less than the average, having a bachelor’s degree or higher will earn the student more than the average person (Allan 582). With this information, it shows that going to college can give a student the potential to earn more than the average…show more content…
It is difficult for some students to pay off their student loans. According to Kantrowitz, “This year, more than two-thirds of college graduates graduated with debt, and their average debt at graduation was about $35,000” (Kantrowitz). $35,000 dollars is a significant amount of money to owe. Students need to get a well paying job to be able to pay off that debt.. The problem is that students are struggling to receive jobs due to the weak job market and their being a large amount of competition for the jobs their are. (Lewis 586). A weak job market can keep students from getting a job that can help them pay off their loans. Hence, student loans producing debt should be considered a
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