Understanding Dementia: Impact and Need for Research

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What if one day you were unable to recall what you had previously experienced? Surrounded by people who refer to you by a name that has no meaning to you, confused by the gibberish spoken by others. How would you cope with not knowing what this so called “family” of yours is? [1] According to the World Health Organization this is a reality to roughly 47 million people. [1] Dementia is a grouping of disease in which there is a deterioration in memory, thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday activities. Symptoms range from memory loss, word finding difficulties and impaired judgement. Dementia doesn’t only affect the person diagnosed with it negatively, but caregivers as well. It is a disease which needs proper funds and research to help improve the life of those diagnosed with it. Dementia which is not a single disease is actually a broader term used for the grouping of diseases that all have common symptoms. [3] It is characterized by the worsening of basic functions to a point where it reduces a person’s abilities to perform everyday activities, such as recalling events or speaking. People diagnosed with dementia may also become unaware of where they are or get lost and confused with familiar places such as their own home. Although this is typical with the ageing process dementia significantly worsens these conditions. Dementia is composed of several diseases, the most prominent being Alzheimer’s disease. [1] According to the World Health Organization, Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60 to 70 percent of dementia cases.[1] About 47 million people have been diagnosed with dementia, that estimated to grow three times as much by the year of 2050 to nearly 132 million people. There are many cognitive symptoms f... ... middle of paper ... ...ronic conditions (diabetes, arthritis, ulcers, and anemia).” It was also reported that caregivers would have worse conditions such as little to no exercise, problems with addictions to alcohol. Not only were there physical but also negative psychological consequences to being a caregiver. Dementia is a grouping of diseases which affects many not only including the person diagnosed with it. The deterioration of the brain causes impairment to basic functions for someone to survive. Little is known as to possible cures, but treatment is available to help decrease the strength of symptoms. If one day someone close to you was diagnosed with dementia, wouldn’t you want their life to be made easier with options on treatment? This is one of many reasons more funding should be provided to help improve lives, and find a possible cure to this horrible disease which plagues many.

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