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1.1 Explain what is meant by dementia? Dementia is a long-term condition that normally affects people aged 65 and over, younger people can be affected. Having dementia can cause loss of key functions to the brain, such as; loss of memory; confusion; speech and language problems; loss of ability to make judgements; loss of concentration; difficulty in processing information; changes in behaviour and personality. These all lead to a person not been able to function properly. The person’s ability to function deteriorates over a period of time and is usually at least 6 months before positive diagnosis of dementia can be made. Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases such as Alzheimer’s which is the most common of dementia, vascular which is a series of mini strokes, …show more content…

Younger individuals may have different concerns and interest to older people, they may be forced to give up on work or even excluded from dementia survives as it does not meet their needs, whereas older people may be retired/ no longer working and can move into a home with the support that they need. Religious people may not have the same believes or something could offend them which will make them upset. 4.2-Outline the impact that the attitudes and behaviour of others may have on an individual with dementia? A person with dementia can have changes in their behaviour and this could make other people feel angry or upset or could treat them unfairly and not accept it. This can make a service user distressed, upset, frustrated with themselves because it is the dementia that has changed them not the person. For example is a service user wanted to tell you something but forgot or could not get it out into words they might think that you think they are stupid so they get upset and angry with themselves for not been able to

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