Caring For Patients With Dementia

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Caring for dementia involves a lot of patience and understanding. It should be dealt with audacity and flawlessness to ensure the vulnerable adults’ well-being. Aiding at home or care home required carers to be at their best, physically and emotionally. The responsibility can be distressing but it is rewarding as well since helping dementia adults in their day to day activities is a significant matter for them. However, carers need a pause as over duty can result to substandard nursing. The big question is: who take care for the carers of people with dementia? There is a 5 million estimate of the carers in the UK and figures are foreseen to upscale for the next 40 years to 9 million (O’ Dowd, 2007). With this high number of carers, for whom the carers can ask for support during times when difficulty arises in relation with taking care of people with dementia. There are many issues that can be related to carers of people with dementia. The physical and psychological workload can be attributed as the most common concern among carers (Fjelltun et al., 2009). In addition, O’ Dowd (2007) has stated that carers are more likely to endure more anxiety, and feeling of liability which resulted to carers’ negligence of their own wellbeing. Moreover, carers suffer more stress than those who are not giving care to elderly with dementia. In relation to this, carers’ health is not interrelated with their emotional functioning (Bristow et al., 2008). These different reports suggested that carers undergo psychological issues more notable in comparison with just ordinary people. This can be regarded to carers’ exposure to a stressful environment. Dementia is a complex and progressive condition which is frequently affected by certain conditi... ... middle of paper ... ...of Health. (2010) Dementia. The more we understand the more we can help. Crown: COI Fjelltun, A., Henriksen, N., Norberg, A., Gilje, F., Normann, H. (2009) Nurses’ and carers’ appraisals of workload in care of frail elderly awaiting nursing home placement. Scand J Caring Sci [online] volume 23, p57–66 Available from: [Accessed 23 March, 2010] Hoskins,S., Coleman,M., McNeely,D. (2005) Stress in carers of individuals with dementia and Community Mental Health Teams: an uncontrolled evaluation study. Blackwell Publishing Ltd: Nursing and health care management and policy Personal Social Services Research Unit. (2007) Dementia UK. London: London School of Economics, King’s College London. O’Dowd, A. (2007) Who else is caring? Nursing older people. Volume 18, p12-14

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