Integrating Information Technology Into Business Operations

Operating any business without the application of information technology in the modern business world is actually impossible. The world has gone digital and in every sector of economy, entrepreneurs are busy applying information technology systems to run their businesses smoothly. Nevertheless, the invention of information technology and its entrance into business arena has seen, customers demand better services whenever they do business or receive services. From banking to financial markets, stock exchange to retail markets, businesspersons use information technology principles to attract, serve and retain customers.

Furthermore, business organizations that have successfully retrieved information technology into their business operating modes, receive greater revenues as compared to those that do not apply information technology principles. Therefore, the impact of any business operating under the influence of information technology is great, especially in attracting customers. Customers require quick and efficient services rather than slow and boring ones in today’s globalizing world. With the perceived globalization, information technology is driving the world into first class customer services. (Schaeffer, 2003, p.30).

Arguably, information technology creates pleasing customer services through two basic applications. Firstly, there must be software materials installed into the computer hardware to retrieve, store or process relative data according to instructions. For example, web browsers commonly use software-enabled systems to search prescriptions of different products and services online. Interestingly, with the ever-growing information technology applications, customers can purchase commodities via online m...

... middle of paper ...’s network coverage. Thus, information technology creates business partnership and strengthens customer loyalty with the bank.


Indeed, information technology is result oriented and helps businesses to grow and generate more revenue. The high revenue generated is because of attracted customers who want to use the implemented information technology systems either for their small and medium enterprises or for their day-to-day activities. Nevertheless, E-Banking is one of those technologies that have drawn support from customers and increased bank to customer partnership. Moreover, this system creates an excellent medium of communication, customer connectivity, customization of products and contextual business functionalities. These and many other information technology factors results into customer benefits and business expansion.

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