The Importance Of Information Technology

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Information Technology is a collection of hardware, equipment, and applications which running to store, transfer and sharing data. Information technology has improved and developed the world which we live; it is hard to dispense with the technique, nowadays people cannot live without it because it dramatically affected their lives and the scientific process, people use technology in many areas in life, such as work, education, health and others. So they must understand the mechanism of action of these devices and how to handle them. People need to know more about the technology on computers, also they need to know about mobiles phone technology, in addition people need to know about how the technology affects our lives. There is no special person has inventing the computer, but it came from the exertion of a group of inventors. It has developed a computer-making until we got to this level of development where it became easy acquisition of the computer and it became most important things in our lives. Computer consists of several main parts screen, mouse, keyboard, and system unit. T...
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