Informative Essay On Concussions

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As a high school soccer player, I hear about many of my teammates or their friends getting concussions while playing soccer. However, there is not as many people talking about possible prevention tips or how to recover from a concussion. In the past I have received a concussion during a soccer game, but did not know how to prevent a concussion or recover from the concussion until after visiting the doctor. Considering that nearly four million sports-related concussions occur nearly every year, why isn’t there a bigger emphasis on safety in sports? With the raising concerns of how concussions can impact the life of an athlete later on, the talk about concussions has grown, but not enough. As an athlete, I’ve never had any of my coach’s talk to my teams about the importance of playing safety to ensure that concussions would not be an issue during the game, or even, how to recover from a concussion. Mentioning anything from avoiding unnecessary collisions, to not trying to injure another player and put them at risk, would be beneficial to helping prevent concussions. In my case, learning about concussions may have helped me prevent, or even approach the …show more content…

After colliding heads we both fell to the ground with headaches, however, I didn’t leave the field. I knew one of the sure signs of a concussion was an instant headache, but my team had no substitutes that game so I felt that if I left the field I would disappoint my teammates. No one had ever mentioned to me how serious a concussion could be to my health, or even how much it could hurt my future soccer career, which was far more important than this one game. I continued to play the rest of the game but left the field with a much more extensive headache than before, my coach told me to go to the hospital to make sure nothing much worse happened. Hearing this scared me, I had no idea just how serious concussions

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