Argumentative Essay On Concussions

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The subject of concussions has been a hot topic in recent years. This is mainly due to our improved knowledge on the subject and the increased rate of concussions in sports. With the many dangers of concussions being discussed, many people are asking questions such as “How do you get a concussion?” and “What are the long-term effects of a concussion?”. These questions appeal to both a popular and academic audience. The academic audience wants to learn more about concussions on a deeper level. They want to learn more about concussions using research and medical treatment. Whereas, the popular audience wants a general understanding about the subject. They want to understand the general knowledge of a concussion and how it can affect them. Because …show more content…

The types of diction in the articles are different due to the audience they are writing to. In the article Concussion, medical terminology is used throughout the paper. Many of these words are used to describe a symptom or treatment for a concussion. An example of this is shown on page 2 “When a patient suffers a head injury the initial concern is whether the traumatic insult has caused an epidural or subdural hematoma, parenchymal hemorrhage, or increased intracranial pressure” (Mullally). Words such as “epidural” and “parenchymal hemorrhage” are used because the medical professionals reading the article will understand this terminology. Furthermore, the diction helps establish the purpose of the article which is to discuss concussions from a medical position. Additionally, in the magazine article Footballs Taboo TV Topic the diction used is simple and easy to read. A perfect example for this would be in paragraph 13 which states “Interviews with broadcasters and executives last week produced unanimity on the question of whether the NFL had ever directly asked them not to report or discuss the issue of brain trauma or concussions on the air” (Richard). As you can see, there are no words that are difficult to understand in the explanation. This has to do with the writer recognizing his audience. Not all sports fans are educated to understand certain terminology like the diction used in Concussion. By using simple terminology, all sports fans will be able to read and understand the

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