Persuasive Essay On Concussions In Sports

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One of the up-and-coming sports in America is soccer. The thrill of extra time goals, the dribbling skills from the players, and stunning goals that leave the opposing team and fans of all kinds stunned. All these thrills of soccer are what bring people of all ages to the sport, but with the excitement also comes the injuries. Concussions are slowly rising in the women’s soccer injury department, coming in third to lower leg injuries and hip injuries. High school women’s soccer is second in most concussions and injuries to football. Maryville women’s soccer head coach Dale Reuter has coached the soccer team for three years now. During that time, he has only experienced one soccer player receiving a concussion during practice. She was unable to practice or play with the team for four weeks. Most concussions tend to happen during a game, but over 20% of concussions happen during practice according to Sports Concussion Institute. Maddi Morrison, now a freshman in college, played varsity …show more content…

USSF has also limited the amount of headers teams for the ages of 11 to 13 can do at practices according to The New York Times. Reuter and Foltz think this is a bad idea. Foltz said she thinks that banning young players from heading will cause sloppy technique and cause further damage in those players’ future in soccer. Reuter said something similar and that he doesn’t agree with that idea of banning headers for younger players and instead they should teach younger players the correct way to head the ball and help players to learn the correct form. Reuter said he doesn’t push his players to do headers, instead he leaves it up to the players during the game to make that choice for themselves. All he wants to do is teach them the correct form for heading so they are prepared and confident in

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