Dangers Of Concussions In Sports

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A concussion is a type of injury to the brain that can affect the developing process of a child. Concussions are very common in young children, especially those who are physically active in sports. Dr. Eric Coris, the head medical team physician for USF athletics and a member of the university 's new concussion center, stated in “Head Injuries Still Hard to Track” that “About 300,000 kids, and one in every four athletes 18 or younger, suffer some form of concussion” (qtd. in Encina). This is an outstanding number, one of which is terribly alarming. The likelihood of a child getting a concussion is tremendously high. As stated in “The Lystedt Law: A Concussion Survivor’s Journey “ in hopes of decreasing the number of concussions “... the state…show more content…
In order to insure they are aware of the dangers in participating in sports “All student athletes and their parents/guardians sign an information sheet about concussion and head injury prior to the youth athlete 's initiating practice at the start of each season” (“Zackery Lystedt Law”). This paper is not to scare young children, but to allow them to understand the dangers that do come along with contact sports. Often as an athlete, the game seems more important than one’s safety, therefore concussion knowledge is important. “Get a Heads Up on Concussion in Sports Policies” states that facilities are encouraged to “Post information for parents, coaches, and athletes at schools and on the field or sidelines. Posted information often includes concussion signs and symptoms, as well as what to do if a concussion occurs”. Of course not every facility is going to take their recommendation, but the purpose is to simply make athletes and their spectators aware of concussions. As well, when athletes are approved to return to the game Hosea Harvey explains in her article “Reducing Traumatic Brain Injuries in Youth Sports: Youth Sports Traumatic Brain Injury State Laws” that “...parents or guardians provide a signature release that they have received the information”. This allows parents to be aware of the decisions of the doctor so that everyone is on the same page. The overall purpose is to educate those surrounded by athletes so that athletes are in a safer
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