Critical Review: The Positive And Negative Consequences Of Sexting

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Sexting is a current phenomenon, the word sexting is a blend of the two words sex and text. The subject of this research article is important because it can help researchers and people in general to better understand the meaning and different interpretations of the word sexting and evaluate the positive and negative consequences of sexting. It is also important to review why people sext. As personality traits are analyzed, activity between the sender or receiver of the sexting will also observable, and the literature will determine if the sender or receiver is the vulnerable participant. Vulnerabilities are expressions of personality traits. Through psychology people can be prevented from acquiring maladaptive patterns of behaviors, good examples of these are addictive behaviors are antisocial behavior patterns (Delevi & Weisskirch, 2013). This critical review will look at Rachel Delevi’s, Robert S. Weisskirch’s article ‘Personality factors as predictors of sexting’ (Delevi & Weisskirch, 2013). Analyzing the information with scientific data, by viewing the measures applied throughout the study, determined findings and critically evaluating the suggested result, further conclusions can arise about the…show more content…
Intensity, sensation seeking propositions, attachment (Drouin & Tobin, 2014), agreeableness, risky behavior, addictive behaviors. Which are all areas of discussion within the argument and presented in the reviewed paper in more detail as part of the influence that take over people when they start communicating through sexting. It is also important to better understand the role of the sender and the respondent. Furthermore, other personality factors or traits to be aware of being neuroticism characteristics: people who generally experience high levels of anxiety, stress, anger, depressive moods which all make these groups in society extremely vulnerable (Delevi & Weisskirch,

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