Industrial Revolution In America Essay

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The Industrial Revolution transformed the US in many ways. How we moved about the country changed to easier and quicker transportation. How we produced everyday items changed from hand made to machine made. Finally, electricity was used more changing how we lived our everyday lives. During this time our country was making huge strides in many areas of our world that we still benefit from today.
Originally, we moved around the country on foot, horseback, animal pulled carriage or wagons, or on the water through rivers and lakes in boats or canoes powered by people. It was during this time that railroad usage increased and connected the West with the rest of the country
(Martin Kelly, 2015). The railroad was began in 1811 and finished in 1869, …show more content…

This ease of travel changed where we lived in the country and increased trade within the country.
Transportation was not the only reason for increased trading. Trading also increased because of the change in how items were produced. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin to separate the cotton plants and Francis C. Lowell combined weaving and spinning which increased textile manufacturing mainly in the New England area (Martin Kelly, 2015). Clothing was no longer being made in homes but in the factories also with the help of the sewing machine invented by Elias Howe (Martin Kelly, 2015). However clothing manufacturing was not the only thing changed. Farming was made easier with the invention of the reaper by Cyrus McCormick and the steel plow by John Deere (Martin Kelly, 2015). This change in production also allowed for large businesses to emerge in this time (Lewis Hacket, 1992). Production of so many things

was changed by inventions of this time which leads to the next large reason for transformation in our country: ELECTRICITY.
Electricity was discovered before the industrial revolution but it was not until this time that it was used regularly and with such useful ends. Steam had been the main source of

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