Industrial Revolution Essay

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What effects did the Industrial Revolution have on American? The Industrial Revoultion affected America socially, politcally, and financally . Throughout that time era there were many postive and negative effects from the revolution. Many people visualized it as a new opportunity and others critized the encroahment of the heavy industry onto both nature, and society. The Industrial Revolution was a big turning point in American history. Before the Industrial Revolution America was really slow with mass production. Almost everyone farmed, after the industrial revolution more people lived in cities and worked in factories than ever before. Cities population sky rocketed which caused for cities to be more crowded, which prompted the rise of better transportation, land speculation, real estate boom. The standard of living rose tremendasly. It changed the whole outlook for families who had too move to the city so that they could work. It was one of the main contributions to the growth of cities. Early Industries were not too fond of their workers either so this also led to the rise of labor unions til this day they still exist. The Industrial Revolution was all about making things easier and faster in mass produce. The Industrial Revolution changed America, because of all of the useful inventions that were invented at the time. One of the most useful inventions during this time era was called the cotton gin. What it did was pick out the seeds of the cotton alot faster than it normally would have. It was supposed to make life easier for the slaves, but instead it made it alot harder on them, since they could do more work faster, farmers planted more cotton, and made them work longer, and harder. Most of these invention are just old ... ... middle of paper ... ... education, which was very unfair. Mnay children because uneducated were payed very low because they didn't know any better. They also were very likely to get infections or torn limbs and even killed because they were not taught how to run the machines correctly. The revolution helped expand the social classes, which alsomeant that poor were even less fortunate. That made in harder for children in th lower class to go higher in class. With the expansion in factories and living spaces came a large increase in pollution, along with not very clean burning fuels this made for air pollution around major cities. With women moving up in working class, it still made no differnce to the men, they did not see hem as equals. women still did not have the same rights men did. Even if they worked harder and longer then they did the men still got more than half than they recieved.

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