Pros And Cons Of The Industrial Revolution

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Lily Jones
Mrs. Valderrama
20 February 2016
The Revolution That Changed the World Forever Many people assume the Industrial Revolution was just about trains and child labor; however, it was much more than that. The Industrial Revolution began in the early 1700s in Britain and later reached most of Western civilization (8 Pros and Cons). Before the Industrial Revolution most people lived on or close to the land that provided their food. Additionally, life expectancy never rose above 35 years of age and 80% of the world populations were farmers (Crash Course). The Industrial Revolution was a gargantuan shift of technological, social, and cultural conditions. More merchandise was being produced and in a less amount of time. Inventors found
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Many of the inventions of this time truly shaped the future. The creation of the textile, the steam engine, and the telegraph (Robin L.) changed how we produced cloth, used locomotives, and communicated with each other. The Industrial Revolution also affected transportation. Trains and airplanes were new, cheaper, faster, and much more comfortable than riding horseback or on carriages from city to city (Pros and Cons) . These new ways of transportation opened more areas to many. Additionally, these inventions motivated people to change the world (Pros and Cons). The lightbulb, x-rays, and sewing machines were all inspired by the first inventions. As well as the technological improvements and inventions that were made, another creation of the Industrial Revolution was the…show more content…
The inventions of the Industrial Revolution shaped the future, how we travel, and how we live our daily lives. There would be no microwaves, Wi-Fi, or iPhones without the Industrial Revolution. The factories created many jobs and faster production. Masses of people left their rural homes to get jobs and start a new life in these new, industrial cities. The Industrial Revolution resulted in an improvement of the quality of life which led to better education, health and nutrition, and a massive population boom. If one thinks about it, there is an industrial revolution happening right now. Each day, more people think of more technological improvements, more ways to produce goods, and more ways of improve our health and overall: our daily life.

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