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How can employee engagement be used:
 To improve perceptions of fairness in the workplace.

Employee engagement can be used to improve perceptions of fairness in the workplace in different ways but the basic of those is to focus on the aggregating and firming the employees understanding and perception of the support they get from their employer within the workplace. Employee behavior can be greatly affected based on their perceptions of their workplace and their level of engagement. As per the example by Greenburg 2002, perception of the procedures used to determine pay raises uniquely contribute to such factors as organizational commitment and trust in supervisors (both of which are strongly related to employee engagement). And, perceptions of outcome are uniquely associated with an employee’s own pay satisfaction.

This clarifies that how important an employee perception can reflect his/her behavior towards the workplace and organization. The fair the process and procedures will be the better perception the employee’s will have. The process of building the perception about the workplace starts as early as the first point of contact between the employee and the employer at the time of the lodgment of the application. The fair the process is, the better the employee perception is and that will give an employee enough confidence that his/her application was handled with honesty and an equal attention.

There can possibly be other factors involved too that can effect an employee’s perception about the workplace. They can range from the colleagues from multicultural backgrounds, minority or majority of different cultural combinations and different levels of expertise. The other factor that can effect an employee perception include...

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...loyee can trust and their level of perception can increase on the organizations. Once an employee can feel and see the fairness in all the levels of its engagement with the organization that can build a more trusted and loyal relationship between employee and the employer. Majority of the organizations are implementing procedures that can declare them as an equal opportunity employer where there is no discrimination on minority or lower level of employees. And they have the full right to distrust the organization based on the fairness of the policies and procedures involved with the issues and risks. Organizations can work hard to up their leadership and management to win the trust of such employees and to remove the feeling and the left out of such level of employee thus giving them the status of an equal employee right as the other majority of the employees have.
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