In a World of Highly Competitive Business, Talented Leadership is the Anwer

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In a highly globalised world where industries from all sectors are becoming more porous and open,

the competition amongst companies and organisations have never been steeper until now. The

survival and sustained growth of a company lies in its ability to attract talents and to employ leaders

who are able to add value to the company’s performance. As such, inherently, such leaders will have

to be able to lead, take charge and perform so as to produce positive results that would generate

higher revenues for the companies. However, revenues alone should not be used as a key performance

indicator for such management level staffs but instead a broader scope should be established since,

being in important leadership role of a company affects how the company operates, functions and

adapt in an ever increasing competitive environment.

The situation faced by Sam Mulgrew in this context is one that is often experienced by many senior

managers. Their sentiments and opinions toward performance management come from a naïve and ill- informed point of view. Individuals like Sam Mulgrew, failed to realize that in order for a company to

succeed its human resources should be one that is highly capable and talented.

Thus there has to be frequent feedbacks and self-assessment towards their staff, more so for those

in leadership roles. This write up shall attempt to analyse the context that Sam Mulgrew, a Senior

Manager of Human Resource for Money4U Finance Ltd is in and to highlight that there is more

to performance management as opposed to his simplified way of doing things. Organizational

Development (OD) tools shall be employed to portray the relevance of performance management and

its benefits it has...

... middle of paper ...

...ailed to take into account the importance of performance based results and outcomes in

business. The OD tools discussed and the mind map proposal of it, is a testament to how in-depth

and complex human management is and thereby how important it is to implement performance

management like the ones this paper has extensively discussed. To remain relevant in a company

one must always assess him or her and address where he or she stands performance wise. The

motivation of all companies such as Money4U Finance Ltd is one that revolves around profitability

and to be able to sustain such returns, their managers such as Sam have to be positive and not take

performance management and OD intervention lightly. These efforts will all translate into having

a productive and adaptable workforce,; one that will propel the company to greater heights in the

long run.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that in a highly globalised world, industries from all sectors are becoming more porous and open.
  • Describes the situations faced by sam mulgrew in this context.
  • Analyzes how individuals like sam mulgrew failed to realize that in order for a company to succeed, they needed an informed point of view.
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