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Presently, most organizations emphasize extremely about leadership in organizations. Leadership means that ability, capability, and skills of leader to guide members of organizations to success or achieve objectives and destination. Leadership studies are interesting in several organizations. According to Walters (2009), “Leadership has been an intriguing and important part of human interactions for as long as people have lived and worked together in groups” (P.1). Some organizations have studied about leadership for long times to know what elements and significant factors of leadership is. Those elements will help leaders to have ability, capability, and skills to suggest members of organizations or being leaders efficiently. Leadership studies emphasize traits, power, and behavior of leaders. Meanwhile, many organizations have always studied about leadership and tried to find appropriate and effective elements to fit in each organization and situation. Sometimes, the leadership is looked to be service. According to Shackleton (2001), “the essence of leadership is that it is a service to others” (Para.2). In addition, leadership, a skill about effect to members in organizations to lead them to success by communicated ideas to members, which is interaction of process that is related with leaders, followers, and situations to contribute to achieving objectives and goals. However, there are several meaning of leadership. So, what the really definition of leadership is. According to SIY (2013), “Leadership is the art of leading others to deliberately create a result that wouldn’t have happened otherwise” (Para. 2). Some experts may think that leadership in organizations is science and art to manage and lead members of organizations... ... middle of paper ... ...o are around them. In conclusion, many experts, academics, and leaders have indicated several definitions of leadership. However, in my opinion, there is no best definition and style of leadership because it depends on perspectives and ideas of those people. Some people may cleave with the result of assessment from Keirsey Temperament Sorter. I believe that the assessment from the website is just a guideline for leaders. The best way for being good leadership is that leaders can use an appropriate strategies, tactics, and tools to fit in each situation. Exactly, a good qualification for being good leaders is that they can fix problems and situations by using resources around them appropriately. So, being good leaders or right leadership, they need to extract ability and capacity of each member to work in appropriate time to fit and fix problems and right situations.

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