Improving Patient Care And Outcomes

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Healthcare is always changing, as technology advancements continues to be developed to improve patient care and outcomes. Healthcare professionals need to become well versed in using newer technologies and take advantage of the opportunities for professional developments offered by these technologies. Use of an electronic portfolio or e-portfolio is an example of how a healthcare professional is able to take advantage of the technology available. Educational institutions having students develop e-portfolios during their program of study is aiding the students to learn about e-portfolios and their usefulness in the future. Students are learning what information and why it is important to be included in an e-portfolio and reasons for educational institutes to include them as part of the programs of study. Actual definitions vary for an e-portfolio, but most agree that it is an electronic form where users can compile skills and education received relating to their profession. E-portfolios are a tool that students and professionals can use to record and manage things learned, experiences, and different achievements throughout their careers. The use of an e-portfolio allows more opportunities than previously with paper portfolios such as the ease in updating and editing and also being able to include links to websites and presentations (Moores and Parks, 2010). As education has changed to become more readily available, use of an e-portfolio is a solution to track both inside and outside formal education (Jensen and Treuer, 2014). A professional can include trainings and continuing education courses they have attended and completed. Keeping all of this information in one place makes it simple to recall in specific trainings needed for j... ... middle of paper ... ...reer (Jenson and Treuer, 2014). It is a lesson that will continue to be utilized long after graduation. Undergraduates that have learned to use e-portfolios can increase their job opportunities after graduation in a competitive field (Feather and Ricci, 2014). The purpose behind schools implementing e-portfolios into the curriculum should be the professional development of the students. Knowing how to use the e-portfolio is another skill that will continue to push students to show what they have to offer the healthcare profession. The e-portfolio allows the student to manage and document what they have learned, no matter when, how, or where the information was taught (Jenson and Treurt, 2014). Healthcare professionals have to take advantage of the growing technology available, and using e-portfolios is opportunity that gives them an edge in a competitive profession.
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