Patient Centered Care Case Study

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Patient Centered care is a concept where the healthcare providers stand in the patient’s position and think about how the patients want to be treated before navigating into how they themselves want to continue with the procedure. It is a strong commitment for the healthcare personnel to be able to manage and regard the patients as thinking and feeling people with the potential to develop and adjust. Thus, the healthcare team needs to be compatible, open-minded and courteous in order to provide the best care possible for the patients. Ms. Patient is a long-term sufferer from Scoliosis. Therefore, she has to get yearly x-ray examination and consultation to see the progress of her spine. Currently, she is a freshman in college and is going…show more content…
The receptionist was on the phone for quite a long time before she could reach out to Ms. Patient. In the end, the receptionist just took Ms. Patient’s insurance without any clarification and made her wait for a while. Additionally, she was unable to focus on Ms. Patient and got distracted when another patient asked for indications. The receptionist clearly indicated unprofessionalism when she was unable to provide adequate information for the patient when she was disoriented. Also, the receptionist did not have any manners when she failed to excuse herself when another patient wanted to speak with her. Ms. Patient stated that she felt extremely vulnerable and lost when no one was able to help her understand what was going on. Therefore, the healthcare team in this case was unsuccessful in providing a caring and helpful environment for the…show more content…
Patient’s experience with the healthcare team to the standards of patient centered care, there are some parallels and differences. In Barry and Edgman-Levitan’s text Shared Decision making: The Pinnacle of Patient Centered Care, it explained how the patient centered care is divided into three broad areas. One of the areas discussed about information, communication and education. It stated that “Adequate information must be shared with the patients and this would include clinical management…This is very relevant in understanding the concept of self-care and individual health promotion..” Barry& Edgman-Levitan (2012). In Ms. Patient’s case, the doctor was able to explain thoroughly to the patient and her parents about her current health condition and idea of scoliosis so the patient can have a better idea about self-care while reassuring her parents. Therefore, the doctor successfully shared adequate information about the patient’s condition so she can better understand how to manage herself effectively. Another example from one of the broad areas was idea of integration and coordination of care, “patients feel vulnerable when they are faced with illnesses and they feel the need for competent and caring healthcare personnel.” Barry& Edgman-Levitan (2012). In this case, both the doctor and the nurse proved themselves as part of a caring healthcare personnel when they tried to have a casual conversation with the patient in the beginning and asking her
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