Important Concepts About Plants ( Mdd )

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This lesson is designed to review and reinforce a few important concepts about plants (e.g. Needs, parts, sequence of planting) and to also guide the students through applying a few scientific inquiry (e.g. Making observations, experimentation, discussion, reflection, reporting results etc.). The students have previously planted corn and bean seeds and today’s lesson has provided the students a chance to see the results of the planted corn and bean seeds. Additionally, seeds have been planted under and growing under the following conditions: without water, and without soil. The students see the results of these seeds planted under these conditions for the past week. Two plants in particular have already been grown their growth has been continued for a week under the following conditions: without sunlight and with sunlight. The students will finish taking a summative assessment for this plant unit after this review. Before this lesson, the students should already be knowledgeable about the parts of a plant, the sequence of how to plant a seed, the basic needs of a plant (e.g. water, soil, and sunlight). This class has a range of skill levels, which categorizes them all in 4 groups: high (5 students), mid-high (3 students), middle (4 students), and low (2 students). The cognitive ability levels were the main deciding factors for this grouping. The students are able to effectively come to conclusions based on their ability levels, and the students cannot fully read most sentences that do not contain a multitude of sight words. The actual length of the entire lesson was an hour to incorporate both the investigation, and the assessment. The assessment was truly the only thing to be edited out of the video. Keeping this less... ... middle of paper ... ...rpersonal skills as the highest. This video reflection assignment really provided me a chance to see the areas of which I have grown and the areas that I need to put more effort in to see more improvement. After watching myself, I really do want to practice and research more ways to improve the areas in which I am weak at. Additionally, I plan on recording my teaching in the future to watch more strengths that I have gained and weaknesses that I need to continue to work on. Watching myself teach has allowed me to focus on both my strengths and weaknesses, and brainstorm better ways to approach situations that I previously encountered as an experienced teacher rather than a fledging teacher. After my student teaching, I plan on researching more opportunities for professional development and obtaining information that will help me counter my weaknesses in teaching.

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