Media Impact On Social Media

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With the invention and development of the Internet, communication has changed in to a revolutionized platform. The Internet has evolved from a means to facilitate data, to a stage of public communication through the use of social media. Social media has affected every aspect of interaction from personal lives to the business world. The business world however, has been especially impacted by the application of social media. Social media has opened up a plethora of opportunities for businesses to advertise, promote and market themselves to consumers. Social media “is one of the fastest growing and most promising strategies a business can employ to boost sales and conversions” (Adobe). As social media continues to grow as a marketing tool, more and more companies have incorporated social media into their daily business activity for brand awareness, target market reach, business expansion and customer interaction.
The use of social media substantially helps gather all types of fans of a brand or company together and allows them to interact and cooperate with one another, create an identity and communicate their interest for this specific brand or set of products. Take for example Kraft Foods campaign for the one hundredth anniversary for Oreo cookies. “Kraft launched the campaign because of its concern that Oreo did not "own top of mind awareness for men and women age 18-24" (Mitchell). What Kraft did was establish the primary target audience, and implemented a strategy to increase the traffic to their Facebook page. “The results of the year-long Oreo campaign were 231 million media impressions and almost a 200% increase on its Facebook page” (Mitchell). With Kraft’s marketing planned accordingly, it created word-of-mouth awareness,...

... middle of paper ... the millennial use of social media, they are the primary target audience for businesses. “Teens and young adults who now publicize and publicly state their likes online are essentially doing what earlier generations did with posters and T-shirts” (Mitchell). Businesses are essentially provided free publicity, therefore increasing the sale force. “Millennial’s more and more define their worth through the number of "likes," "follows," and "re-tweets" they achieve” (Mitchell). With these features, consumers create their own brand. Marketers can use this to create specific marketing strategies that will display ads that will most assuredly catch the attention of a consumer.
Social media may have started out as a small marketing tactic, but soon grew to revolutionize the way businesses can create brands, expand businesses, and interact with consumers for the better.
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