Self Awareness In Nursing Essay

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Emotional intelligence and reflective practice are integral components of building a therapeutic relationship in nursing

To begin with, self-awareness is a very important in nursing profession. It basically meanswho and what we are and it determines our lifestyle and our behaviorprocess of understanding one’s own values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, motivations, strengths, and limitations and how one’s thoughts and behaviors affect others andimprove our judgment and help us identify opportunities for professional development and personal growth.
It enables us to identify our strength and the areas where we need to develop. The nurses should empathse with their patients and know the their strength and weakness so that it is easier for them to help their clients. Adding on when nurses are self-aware they are able to adapt to, or positively change their attitudes and actions and to understand how different people treat them and this creates a better nurse-patient relationship.

In addition a positive self-awareness gives a sense of continuity, wholeness and consistency to a person. In relation to nursing, self-awareness helps nurses to learn about their strength and weaknesses. “It helps nurses to deliver better client care thus; client gets well soon and builds a trusting relation between the client and the nurse. Self-awareness helps nurses to identify several problems that might be a cause I providing better care”(Nancy Burns, 2005).

In relation to self-awareness therapeutic relationship is also linked to it.It is the ability to use one’s self, it is important to be aware of personal stress that can interfere with one’s ability to communicate therapeutically with patients. Firstly effective communication i...

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...the overall healthcare system.

To conclude, emotional intelligence and reflective practice are the integral components of building a therapeutic component of building a therapeutic relationship in nursing. Emotional intelligence is the ability, capacity and skill to identify, assess and control the emotions of oneself, of others and of groups. This quality plays an important role in nursing success whether they are working in management or at the bed side. We must understand and create a therapeutic relationship between nurses-client relationships. We must understand the client’s situation and help them to achieve their needs so that it provides a better care. Therefore nurses should always seek out techniques to assist in the caring of the client and provide them with all the support and their betterment to have a better therapeutic relationship with the clients.
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