Importance Of Nursing Leadership In Nursing

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CLASS: Nur 6050
TOPIC: Research Priorities for Transforming Nursing Leadership

Nurses as Leaders of quality improvement initiatives in Healthcare Setting Nurses are key member of today healthcare team. We play key roles in ensuring that patients receive high quality and safe care that will enable them return to active and productive lives. To ensure that nurses discharge this key responsibility effectively and efficiently, nurses need to competent and up-to-date in their practice skills and knowledge. Therefore, I chose the research priority identification of the personal and professional characteristics most important to leaders of quality improvement initiatives in hospitals and other settings as the
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As one of the RN leaders in this role, it will be beneficial for me to know those personal and professional characteristics important to be fully effective in my role. Other benefits of researching this area includes to gain evidence based knowledge and skills, understanding the industry standards for quality improvement initiatives in a nursing home setting, having a good understanding of collaboration and teamwork among all stakeholders in the quality improvement process at the nursing home setting, to gain a good understanding of the gaps the currently exist (if any) in this priority area and most important is gain evidence based initiatives for improving patient care in the nursing home…show more content…
• Nurse-led innovations that aim to expand access to care, improve quality care at the lowest cost
• Continued engagement in nursing research to ensure nursing care is data driven.
• Expansion of the nurses’ scope of practice
• Ensure a nursing workforce reflects patients’ diverse backgrounds and cultural values
• Embrace and comfortably utilize the healthcare technology to improve quality of patient care
• Ensure that advanced practice nurses (APNs) are allowed to practice to the full extent of their education and licensure.
• Ensure that nurses have full understanding of their roles and responsibilities to enable them foster an inter-professional collaboration to drive high quality care
• Develop, encourage and support nurses’ leadership at every level.
• Nurses must be willing to sit in the decision table to enable them be familiar with governance, strategy, fundraising, financial systems, health law, and policy of the healthcare
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