Inadequate Nursing Essay

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The effects of having a deficient nursing staff are explored in this paper. By reducing the number of nurses in a healthcare facility the quality of care is no longer at its peak. If healthcare facilities were to hire an adequate number of nurses the quality of care would return to its peak. However, as the number of nurses continues to deteriorate current health care team nurses are forced to work with a soaring nurse-to-patient ratio. As the quality of care diminishes hospital stay is extended, which increases the cost of care for the hospital and patient. The severity of the issues that an inadequate nursing staff have are substantial and need to be resolved. This paper examines the abounding effects associated with inadequate
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As stated before they are the backbone of the healthcare team. Healthcare facilities must learn the value of nurses and what they bring to the table. They are the patient's advocate. Nurses have the ability to express the patients’ needs or desires to the interdisciplinary team. With the critical thinking and exquisite communication skills, a nurse is a vital component when it comes to patient care. Hospitals must understand recognize that without a sufficient number of nurses the quality of care declines substantially. By adopting this legislation, the states there will be more hospitals with a higher quality of care performance. The job of a nurse goes beyond just performing a medial task. A nurse must be able to connect with the patient based on their needs. A nurse has the to the ability to strategize and design a care plan that fit the patients and will reach every one of their needs. A nurse’s role is a lot more that than just administering medication, it goes beyond that and hospitals need to consider the effect it will have if they cut back on their nursing…show more content…
Especially the patient. When cutting back on staff nurses it is imperative that the consequences are fully understood. In the end, a patient’s life is on the line. As discussed, a nurse’s role goes beyond the medical aspect, developing a relationship with the patient is vital when delivering care. A nurse-patient relationship cannot be provided when there are a bulk workload and long hours with no break period. Having a nurse staff with an adequate number of nurses is imperative to guarantees that all patients needs are met. To ensure that there are minimal errors to no errors made when delivering care, a nursing staff must have a sufficient number of nurses. Additionally, to make sure a hospital's fines are limited pertaining to patient care, an adequate number of nurses. Nurses are a key component in healthcare, however, their duties as nurses cannot be
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