Importance Of Leadership In Business

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The leadership can be classified as a cornerstone of the organisation. It is inevitable to understand how strong this cornerstone is because it has the power to make or break the entire organisation. It can be characterised as current and timeless with the centralised stance within the human interaction. This paper discusses the most important aspects of leadership in modern businesses, the challenges leaders face in organisations, the strategies to overcome them and provides some examples for added clarity. Successful leaders understand that some challenges are more obvious than other ones and therefore it requires different actions to achieve the desired result. The research also reviews some theories of leadership in relation to those challenges and leads the reader towards understanding the significance of the provided information for the leaders in the organisations.

The importance of leadership

The primary goal of each business is to make a profit, to be successful. The leadership helps the organisation to identify the existence and purpose of its business in the market. It creates the clear image of company 's goals
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However the purpose of leadership and its existence will always remain the same. Kouzes & Posner (2007) propose that the organisations need individuals who are able to motivate, inspire and bring people to work together in order to follow the vision and achieve the goal of the business. The business world is a dynamic, ever-changing environment which can dramatically transform its character based on the needs of the parties involved in it. Therefore, in this constantly changing environment, leaders face dynamic and challenging situations. The challenges may differ depending on the nature of the organisation and the momentary goal of the business, however the most common challenges within the leadership world can be classified
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