Importance Of Equality In Society

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Equality, a part of our society? All humans are equal. This is a statement we hear all the time. In films, books and on school. But is this really something that is true for all people and all societies today? Do we really live in a world where all humans are seen as equal, or is this just a dream? One of the most important parts of the Declaration of independence is: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”. The declaration of independence was written and signed in 1776, but still, equality was not something all people could even think about in America. In 1619, the first slave-trading took place in America. This got more and more usual. Black people was brought and sold to American factories and for other …show more content…

No one is better that the rest. Every human has the same rights and opportunities. Today there are many movies on this topic. In “mice of men” we saw how some people had to struggle to get a better life. In the Nelson Mandela move, we saw how injustice can be fought against in a non-violence way. Movies such as these make us feel sympathy for the once that are not equally treated ass us. And it makes us realize that those people actually exist. That means that we are fully aware of the fact that we are not all counted as equal. But equality for all people is not something we can get overnight. We first have to realize it and know about it, then stand together and fight for it. Just like the march on Washington in 1963 where 300,000 people were gathered and demonstrated for equal opportunities. We have to stand together to make a difference in our own world. Poverty is something that takes a long time to defeat. Maybe it’s not even fully possible to defeat, but it can get much better that today. Racism is another very important part in order to achieve equality for all. Even though America is not a perfect society when it comes to equal rights and conditions for the black ones, it has improved a lot over time. The biggest sign on that is that for the first time ever in history, America has a black president. All we need is time and courage, for as the Canadian writer, Carol Shields said: “to be like everyone else, isn’t that what we all want in the

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