Importance Of Business Sustainability

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In todays increasingly sustainably minded and ethically concerned society, particularly in western industrialised nations, it is crucial for businesses to be sustainable. This development in societies perspective, has resulted in the progression of sustainability now not only encompassing protecting the social and environmental resources relied upon by businesses but also being able to efficiently manage and the economic bottom line. Majority of businesses have taken this committed to adapting to this change through sustainable practices. In fact, 50% of the experienced and knowledgeable business owners surveyed in a study confirmed that their company had a compelling business case for sustainability. (Berns et al. 2009). The emergence of the…show more content…
It is paramount that social and environmental sustainability are achieved as without it not only will businesses develop a poor brand image and reputation with consumers but their profits and bottom line will too suffer. The successful and proficient implementation of the triple bottom line or some other method to manage sustainability is crucial in ensuring complete business success. Being environmentally and socially sustainable can lead to many benefits such as greater profits, positive reputation and brand image, a competitive advantage, increased efficiency and economic sustainability.’ increased awareness of sustainability in various industries and businesses has helped expand the notion of business excellence and has drawn attention to the need to use resources in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.’ (Asif and Searcy 2011). However, it is important to note that it has been argued by some that societies sudden fixation with sustainability has resulted in many serious ethical and practical concerns and issues go unnoticed. (DesJardins 2016). Regardless of how a business goes about achieving sustainability it is crucial that they are simply as sustainable as possible. Since the culmination of their people, profit and planet triple bottom line approach in 2010, Adidas has seen continued success through operations. All this success can be traced back to the importance of sustainability and having a suitable approach to sustainability. Sustainability embodies not only protecting the social and environmental resources on which your business relies but also managing the economic bottom line, thus it is crucial for any business to be sustainable as it guarantees