Betapharm Case Study

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Corporate social responsibility is essentially a concept whereby the voluntary decision of the company in order to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment. Corporate social responsibility by contributions by the company, through its operational activities and its social investment to the community. This is the concept of sustainable development to connect to the corporate level.

In the past year a growing number of companies around the world began as clients, citizens and investors expect them to adopt sustainable and responsible for promoting their corporate social responsibility strategy. In most cases, corporate social responsibility is a variety of social, environmental and economic pressures as a result.

Word of corporate
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Bo publications. However, the term corporate social responsibility became popular in the late 90 's, when Germany 's Betapharm, a generic pharmaceutical company decided to implement corporate social responsibility. General characteristics of the product in the market swaps. Stopped in 1997 sales growth led the company to recognize, in the generic drug market operators cannot distinguish between price and quality. This is the company 's corporate social responsibility as an expression for the value of the company, as well as the prelude to a part of its corporate strategy. Through the use of strategies for families with children with chronic illnesses and social commitment, Betapharm has a strategic advantage.

In July 2001 the European Commission decided to launch a consultation paper on corporate social responsibility "to promote European framework for corporate social responsibility" of the title. This article aims at launching a campaign about how the European Union could promote corporate social responsibility, the debate at European and international level.

Further, this paper aims to promote corporate social responsibility practices, claims and ensure the credibility of the corporate social responsibility and corporate social responsibility to provide coherence in public
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«» Teflon company. Shell is the experience gained, after early responsible actions speak louder than one of the first companies in crisis management. Drilling platform Brent Spar hull before sinking the Greenpeace opposed to achieve its goals, was a complete surprise. There is a shell gas station generally resist. The Brent Spar incident brings quite a few changes in attitudes.

With the company facing themselves in the context of globalization, they are increasingly aware that corporate social responsibility can be of direct economic value. Although the company 's primary goal is to create profit, companies can at the same time contribute to social and environmental objectives into their business strategy of corporate social responsibility as a strategic investment.

Number of companies with good social and environmental records indicate that CSR activities can lead to better performance, and you can generate more profits and growth.
Research shows that corporate social responsibility programmes affecting extensive degree of consumer buying decisions, and many investors and employees were swaying in the company of their
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