Immigrating to the United States Today

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Every time that people are concerned with immigration, they will have to analyze a lot of disposed information to be familiarized with the reality of a fact that has played an important role through the American civilization. Sometimes the conjugation between immigration and prejudice is present in those researches, but is important to say that lately this conception will be modified for other called "American Dream." Is really America the better land to emigrate? Is it true that America is the land where others life will change? Is not easy to answer those questions, but it is a fact that will be discussed in this essay.

Historically United States has been a land of immigrants. From the Vikings, that crossed the Atlantic one thousand years ago looking for a place to conquer, until the recent immigrations of Latin American people who are looking for a new economic and social chance, America has been converted in the land of opportunities. In 1620, the Pilgrim Fathers (expelled by the Anglican Church) went abroad the "Mayflower" arriving in Plymouth, Massachusetts; that was the beginning of the first great immigration of modern time. People from different parts of Europe settled in the territory constructing a new society's idea of freedom, ownership and community. Religious persecutions, the interest to explore the New World or the searching of a better opportunity to live were, simply, the main reasons for which America began to be so populated. It is this way the "American Dream" began its history.

Immigration for a long time was considered as the principal resource to build the nation. People from everywhere became citizens of the country, which needed their force and creativity to construct the new homeland. However, th...

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...influences in the decision to leave a country...But why America, if there are many countries with similar opportunities and characteristics? Maybe because America has always been the objective of the post-modern society, which has put their eyes in its evolution and society values.

It is not easy to understand the phenomena of immigration after all those problems involved in that situation, but the main thing that we have to observe is that always there is a fundamental reason to immigrate, especially to the US. America is the country of our dreams, is the country of our opportunities. It is most of the times an undesirable country for their acts and outrages, but is the "place" where we find a comfortable view of the future.

In the Bible, Israel was the Promise Land; now the modern god of economy says: "America is the new Promised Land... America for Americans"
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