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    Spain, formally called the Kingdom of Spain, is one of the many beautiful countries in Europe.It is part of the European Union and holds much historical value. It is located on the southwestern side of Europe and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and Pyrenees Mountains. Its size can be compared to a country slightly bigger than twice the size of the state of Oregon and has a temperate climate. All in all, it is Spain’s culture, history, and overall structure are what makes it so great. The history

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    The Kingdom of Spain, mostly known as Spain, is located in the South – Western part of Europe, bordering with France, Portugal, and Andorra (The Columbia Encyclopedia).The territory of Spain is in Iberian Peninsula, including the Balearic and Canary islands (ibid.). The Kingdom of Spain, administratively, is subdivided into 17 autonomous regions and 2 autonomous enclave cities - Ceuta and Melilla, with Madrid being the capital and the largest city of the country (ibid.). The biggest part of land

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    Spain Spain, a country occupying the greater part of the Iberian Peninsula, and bounded on the north by the Bay of Biscay, France, and Andorra, and on the east by the Mediterranean Sea. The Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa are governed as provinces of Spain. Also, Spain administers two small exclaves in Morocco—Ceuta and Melilla. The area of Spain, including the African and insular territories, is 194,885 sq mi. Madrid is

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    Spain The country of Spain lies on the continent of Europe. It is located forty degrees north and four degrees west. The capital of Spain, Madrid, is located in the central region known as the Centro-Meseta. The country of Spain is made up of four regions: El norte, El este, El sur, and Centro-Meseta. Spain's large area of 195,988 square miles covers about five sixths of the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the largest countries in Western Europe. At its widest point, Spain stretches 635 miles from

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    Spain or also known as the kingdom of Spain is a beautiful country with a very alluring geography, history, culture, economy, missionary effort, and state capitol. Since Spain is such a large country it is packed full of information to research about. Spain is also the origin of many holidays and practices. Just because Spain is a foreign country doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting to others. Geography Spain is a beautiful country with astonishing landmarks and geographic information. Spain is

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    The History of Spain The Spaniard civilization can date all the way back to the Stone Age. Because of its agricultural wealth, Spain was acknowledged to have people occupy its land approximately 32,000 years ago. In A.D. 409, Spain was overrun by German invaders, but they were later forced out of the country and into Africa by a group called the Visigoths. The Visigoths, however, would soon lose control over Spain from a battle lost by the Byzantine Empire in 507. By 585, they would regain control

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    peoples. Semitic elements are also present. Several ethnic groups in Spain have kept a separate identity, culturally and linguistically. These include the Basques (Euskal-dun), who number about 2.5 million and live chiefly around the Bay of Biscay; the Galicians, numbering about 2.5 million, who live in northwestern Spain; and the nomadic Spanish Gypsies (Gitanos; see GYPSIES). Population Characteristics The population of Spain (1991) was 38,872,268. The estimate for 1993 was 39,207,159; the overall

  • The Vacation Of Spain: A Trip To Spain

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    the most exciting experiences one can have. Taking a trip to Spain will satisfy anyone’s need for an unforgettable vacation. Spain is the fifth largest country in Europe. Spain offers many exhilarating attractions, like the running of the bulls, in Pamplona, as well as a relaxing time gazing at the water of the Mediterranean Coast. No matter what corner you turn, Spain will provide any traveler what they are wanting in a vacation. Spain offers the best restaurant in the world as well as the oldest

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    Spain, officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, is a distinguished and sprawling country located in south-western Europe. Spain is the sixth most populated country throughout Europe, with roughly 46,000,000 people. This country boasts ample amounts of cultural diversity and historical attributes spanning over nearly 85 percent of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, 2016). Spain has a strong infrastructure, which contributes to its industrial exportation revenue. This country has the second largest

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    The History of Spain Spain's history can be traced back as far as 3000BC, where Paleolithic cave paintings were found in the region of the Bay of Biscay and the western Pyrenees. These paintings exhibited a remarkable degree of animation and skill. About 1000BC the southern region became the first invasion point for the Iberians, Iberians were originally North African people who became the most prominent ethnologic element in the peninsula and gave its name. The Celts, who migrated from France