Essay About Immigration

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Immigration to the United States provide many benefits to immigrants and the nation in the past, and now. The United States was a great option for people to start a new life in due to being in new territory, and being in a place where you could have a fresh start. Many immigrants from all around the world immigrated to the United States in search of the American dream. Others immigrated to the United States for freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and many other rights that weren’t provided in their home country. Immigration helped to make America grow into a big and diverse nation even though some people believed immigrants were bad. Immigration had many ties to the several other themes we’ve discussed in class. For example, immigration…show more content…
Immigrants from every part of the world traveled to America bringing their culture, values, skills, and knowledge to America providing the necessary elements of becoming a diverse nation. Even those who were unskilled provided great contributions to America’s growth. People migrated to the United States as it was known to be the land of opportunity. People came here for jobs, better education, better government, stable economy and many more reasons. With the increase of laborers, many unwanted job positions were taken, and that helped with the growth of…show more content…
This was where immigrants were able to help. They filled the positions that were empty and worked to help provide for the nation. There was also a higher demand for food, so immigrants also helped to work in fields to grow crops. Without the help of immigrants, we probably would not have had the ability to generate revenue to fight our wars in the past, and would have potentially lost. Many people believe that immigrants were bad and were hurting America. This could be traced back to the “fat cat(I believe they was called this)” cartoon where they would not let new immigrants or refugees into the United States. The “fat cat’s” themselves were immigrants but didn’t want more immigrants to come. Now in more recent times, people believed that immigrants were bad because they are overpopulating the United States, taking all of our jobs, or they are trying to change the United States. These reasonings are untrue because immigrants helped shape America into what it is
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