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I work for a large global IT company that employs about 325,000 individuals worldwide. The hiring process is cumbersome at best; it can take up to six months to get an open position filled. The human resources department has gone though a transformation; similar to a call center, a ticket is opened and a representative is randomly assigned to the hiring manager. Job descriptions are very general, and do not adequately describe the specific duties of a position. Over-booked HR representatives work with the hiring managers and do their best to understand the job requirements, and screen candidates. After the pre-screening step the hiring process is generally the responsibility of the hiring manager. Although I’ve never hired anyone at my current company I understand quite frequently the qualifications of the pre-screened candidates do not match the hiring manager’s criteria. Because we are a global company many interviews are conducted over the phone line. Lack of in-person interviews makes communications reliant solely on verbal cues. According to, a website that rates companies via anonymous input from employees and candidates the human resource department doesn’t always tell interviewees of the outcome. Eventually they just assume they didn’t get the job. Even if the candidates land the job they sometimes turn it down because it took such a long time to get an offer, and have been hired by competitors (glassdoor inc., 2011). The employment process at my company is not the most pleasant for candidates as well as hiring managers. The process takes a long time, and quite frequently human resources are unable to take the time to understand the job requirements or follow up with candidates after the fact. ...

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...hat person could be in a position to purchase our goods or services and could remember how our company treated them. Interviews are frequently conducted virtually so it is sometimes difficult to get an open dialogue between the candidate and the hiring manager. The greatest opportunity for improvements is changes in the human resources department. Recently there was a shake-up in management at our company, and the head of human resources left the company “to pursue personal interests”. Hopefully some improvements will be made with a new leader.


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