IOM Core Competency In Nursing

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There are five IOM core competency principles available; i.e.; working as a part of interprofessional teams, delivering patient-centered care, practicing evidence-based medicine, focusing on quality improvement, and using information technology. Of those I feel that delivering patient-centered care is the most important for myself, my immediate staff and my hospital. I further believe that by improving my listening skills I will have more success as a nurse and caregiver. Through improved communication with my patients and my co-workers I believe that my patients will feel more comfortable and less stressed with their care and caregivers. By better communication with the staff we will all have a more productive and harmonious workplace. As…show more content…
Several conditions lead to poor communication and a subsequent ineffective reliance on individual action. Some of those conditions are as follows: The content, timing, or purpose of verbal reports are not structured. They need to have a clear policy and statement of procedure. Reports need a common framework for verbal communication. The methods of making reports, whether face to face or by telephone should have rules and form. Frequent interruptions and distractions hinder communication between caregivers. Nurses and staff all have their own opinions as to what information needs to be in a verbal report and as a result information is not effectively communicated and often not given in a timely manner. As stated in a Communication in Nursing Practice article: “Barriers to effective listening include making assumptions before one hears the communication; non-interest in the topic or issue, history of problems with the sender; and feeling as if the sender is dictating to the receiver.” With the above information in mind, I would like submit to my unit manager the following…show more content…
I will recommend to the nurses to use these effective listening strategies while encouraging the patient to explain their interpretations of their medical condition and their plan of care. I will also introduce the new unit based questionnaires given to patients at discharge prior to leaving the unit. Plan into effect on 10/19/2015 During Huddle on Tuesday 11/3/2015 and again on 11/5/2015 I will get feedback from the staff on their input and results of implementing a new way for shift report. I will use effective listening to ask questions regarding timeliness and effectiveness of the change with shift report and if the nurse was able to ascertain if the patient seems involved, disinterested or asks any questions during their bedside reporting. By 11/13/2015, the team leader and I will evaluate the patient questionnaires from the patients to interpret their satisfaction with nursing interaction and if they feel that their concerns were heard and

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