Huxley's Agnosticism: Do God Does God Exist?

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According to The Agnostic Annual: Symposium published in 1884, Huxley defined agnosticism “as the absence of belief one way or the other and the absence of a claim to having any scientific knowledge on the issue: Agnosticism is of the essence of science, whether ancient or modern. It simply means that a man shall not say he knows or believes that which he has no scientific grounds for professing to know or believe” (Page & Navarick, 2017). What I personally interpreted from the scholarly article is that man cannot say there is a God or not because there is no scientific proof to show that he is right. There is no proof that God does not exists or that he does exists. Hence, the reason why Agnostics cannot say they believe in a God or not. So,…show more content…
Agnostics believe that it cannot be known that a God exists, or in some cases, that is currently unable to know if a God exists. So if asked the question; do you believe in God? An agnostic would say ‘I don’t know’. The reasoning behind this is that there is no direct evidence that a God exists, as well no evidence that one doesn’t exist” (Bott,…show more content…
Just because they do not believe in a God does not mean they are evil and absurd people. Not believing there is a God or not does not make a person evil. Another misconception is that agnosticism is a minority group. Like stated before, atheism, agnosticism, and unaffiliated religion has been increasing drastically over the years in the United States. People can also misinterpret agnostics are prejudiced people against religious people. What I got from Bryan Bott is that agnostics have open minds about all religions. The misconception about the patriotism does not mean an individual is not un-American because they do not believe in a God. The United States does not have a main religion that they believe in. There are many misconceptions about agnosticism. While researching for this paper and interviewing Bryan Bott has shed a big light on the agnosticism and all of the misconceptions about this

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