Protest Atheism: The Myth that Denies God's Existence Due to Evil

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Protest Atheism: The Myth That Denies Gods Existence Due to Evil


Theology is an intentionally reflective endeavor. Every day we reflect upon the real, vital, and true experience of the benevolent God that exists. We as humans tend to be social beings, and being so we communicate our beliefs with one another in order to validate ourselves. Furthermore atheism has many forms, three of the most popular atheistic beliefs include: scientific atheism, humanistic atheism and the most popular one being protest atheism. Scientific atheism is the idea that science is the answer for everything and god is not existent. The humanistic approach states that society is self-sufficient; therefore God is not needed for survival. Therefore how could he exist? The position that I will argue in this paper is the pessimistic idea of protest atheism.


Deus is the Latin word which means god, most of our translations are decedents from the Latin language. The theory of Deism is the belief in a single creator god, yet they reject revealed religion. Instead, they believe that the knowledge of this god comes from rationality and experience with the created world. Another common belief among Deist, is the rejection of the idea of a personal god. Deist affirms the existence of God but believes that after creation, God lacks the ability to interfere with his creation (such as granting miracles or creating prophets), and he does not desire worship. The deistic approach is not as pessimistic as the protest atheists view, though it shows another view that opposes theism and that contradicts a full atheistic approach such as protest atheism.

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