Why Should We Stand For The Pledge Of Allegiance?

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Why should we stand for the pledge of allegiance? Because of the veterans who died for us? Because they fought for what we call “freedom”? I personally don’t think it should be a requirement for school. I’ve lol been standing for the pledge of allegiance since I was in elementary and never really understood why. Freedom of speech, you say what you want, when you want, and how you want to. It’s your right to stand up or not. “People die for our country.” “Sign of respect for the country we live in.” “Take pride in being an American.” How can we be proud to be American if it only brings negative stereotypes to everyone’s head, it has never been what it preaches to be. Being American is actually embarrassing. Just because I was born here doesn 't mean I have undying loyalty to America, being American means nothing to me, to be truthful. The pledge of allegiance violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. I believe that the pledge is mismatched with democracy and freedom which suggest that pledges of allegiance are features of dictatorial states like Nazi Germany. According to Johnathonocross.com, “It is clearly designed to inspire feelings of devotion to a country that is “under God” (and by including this phrase, it also encourages religious belief). Children have little if any grasp on what their country does or intends to do both domestically and internationally.” If we can’t feel free of commitment while being Atheist or even Muslim, we won’t feel free to do anything out of what most Americans believe is being American. Donald Trump is a perfect example of why the pledge of allegiance isn’t for America anymore. His website is dictating and very degrading for what he w... ... middle of paper ... ...ople that everyone 's freedom depends upon that state. my child to learn is the importance of words and the necessity of asking questions and thinking to see the ideas behind the words All of these points are plain examples of why standing up for the pledge of allegiance is just a waste of time. Give respect where respect is due. Personally, I don’t believe we should stand and respect a country that’s doesn’t do the same for us as Americans. They disgrace other cultures, and put people down who don’t meet their standards of “America”. America isn’t the same, we have more diversity here and we can do nothing but accept it. Torturing people and telling them they 're not good enough to live here makes people hate us more and want to kill us. Abolishing the pledge of allegiance would be an eye opener and maybe these patriotic Americans can see that and make a change.
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