Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management involves a wide array of functions that encompasses the time from when an employee enters an organization to the time the employee leaves the organization. The specific activities that are involved in HRM include job design and analysis, recruitment, orientation and placement, development and training of the personnel, employee remuneration, and performance appraisal (Aswathappa, 2007: 5). This paper shall focus on three main activities which are recruitment, training, and personnel development. When it comes to recruitment, it is incumbent upon the Human Resource Manager to bring into the workforce, employees that are both wiling and competent to accomplish specific tasks. The work of recruitment goes hand in hand with that of selection both of which form an integral part of the planning process and the overall HRM processes (Aswathappa, 2007: 8). It is worth noting that for any business to succeed, effective management of human resources is central. This largely depends on the policies that have been set to guide recruitment, training, and personnel development. Besides bringing on board competent employees, the function of recruitment serves to solve certain problems related to shortage of employees in various departments of an organization (Lugonja, 2011: 2). For external candidates to be recruited into an organization, human resource managers must select appropriate media and co-operate with agencies and educational institutions. These will help in the targeting of talents and attracting them through advertising on various media such as the Internet, newspapers, television. Central to this aspect of advertising and attracting new talents, is the question of the costs involved (Lugonja, 2011: 2). T... ... middle of paper ... ...nt manager guides the whole process of providing educational facilities that will facilitate access to theoretical knowledge for managers. He also organizes other channels of accessing knowledge including symposiums and seminars (Sharma, Khurana, & Khurana, 2009: 18). From the discussion above, organizations cannot realize success without proper management of human resources. Selection and recruitment serves a fundamental aspect of organization operation since it addresses employee shortages in various departments. With the negative process of selection, only the competent and talented employees are employed. Training serves to address gaps in skills and knowledge so that employees can achieve the highest level of performance. Personnel development is a long-term process which involves provision of educational opportunities for the employees and managers.
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