Human Life is Affecting The Environment and Animals

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Imagine a world without any animals just humans. It's scary isn't it? This could happen on Earth if we don’t change our lifestyles according to scientist and non-profit organizations called save our seas and world wildlife. Earth is rapidly being destroyed by mankind in ways like overfishing, deforestation, and not recycling plastic properly. These things are then leading to a loss in bio-diversity, contamination in water, and ultimately killing our planet. Everyday things that we do like driving a car, flying in a plane, or even taking a train are greatly impacting the Earth too. We are impacting our Earth in such a negative way that eventually we could lose all of our resources and end up killing ourselves due to the lack of resources and population if we don't make changes in the oceans.
One reason Earth is rapidly being destroyed by mankind is because of overfishing. Overfishing is causing a major loss of bio-diversity in the ocean as stated by a non-profit organization called save our seas. Each year the sea food industry halls in about eighty million tons of seafood which is approximately two trillion marine animals. Forty percent of these animals caught are caught as bycatch which means they are thrown back into the ocean as waste, most of them dead or wounded. Scientist predict that by the year 2050 all fish populations will be gone from our oceans if the fish industry continues to fish at their current rate.
Since the 1950s, ninety percent of our large fishes have disappeared from our oceans this includes about three hundred million whales, dolphins, porpoises, and sea turtles. According to Pavan Sukhdev "We are in the situation where forty years down the line we effectively, are out of fish"(Save our seas 1). The most...

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...e the most targeted places such as Brazil, Indonesia, and Thailand. Deforestation is typically done to make more land available for housing and urbanization, timber, large scale cash crops such as soy and palm oil, and cattle ranching. Effects of deforestation include loss in bio-diversity, carbon emissions, and soil erosion.
The topic of how human life is impacting the environment doesn’t only personally impact me but everyone on this planet. We need to come together are start realizing that we are taking advantage of our resources and fifty year down the line we might not have anything left. This is a result of us not thinking clearly on what we are doing and overfishing the ocean, not recycling our trash correctly, and demolishing the forests. We cannot take back what we have already done but we can help prevent the destruction of our planet in the coming years.
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