Essay On Overfishing

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Overfishing has become a great problem over the past years. Many species of fish are lost due to this problem, as well as whole ecosystems. Not only are we losing many species of fish, but we are losing a beneficial food source. Pesi-vegetatrians are stakeholders that are in need of this food source. Another very big stakeholder of this problem is fishermen. Fishermen may possibly lose their jobs due to the fact that there will not be an adequate amount of fish in our waters to catch. And yet another stakeholder that is very largely impacted by the act of overfishing is fisheries. The problem of overfishing can be solved by limiting the amount of fish that can be caught. People who fish these endangered fish will have their jobs saved. This will also produce more fish for the individuals who have fish as their main source of food in their diet.
The definition of overfishing is to fish so heavily that you wear out the supply of edible fish. The amount of fish that are fit for human consumption in our waters is decreasing because of our world’s overfishing problem. In a study done by international team of scientists, by 2048 almost all edible fish in the ocean will be gone (“Go Fish”). This dilemma will affect pesi-vegetarians, fishermen, and fisheries with their food sources, jobs, and industries.
Firstly, overfishing will have an effect on pesi-vegetarians who only eat fish and no other meats, because they will lose their main source of protein. Each person in America eats about 16.6 pounds of fish yearly; so overfishing is not just affecting pesi-vegetarians, but it is affect every American (Schmid). “…hundreds of millions of people depend on fish for sustenance…” (Turan) is a quote from the article “Forget pirates; fe...

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...g form of overfishing used today. It is the action of dragging large nets across the ocean floor trying to pick up fish. This act causes the ocean floor to be disrupted and other sea creatures to be bothered. Dr. Les Watling, Professor of Zoology at the University of Hawaii stated that, “Bottom trawling is the most destructive of any actions that humans conduct in the ocean.” (Dr. Watling) Keeping a tight rein on the quantity of fish that can be caught will help to save many species. In spite of the fact that some fishermen may suffer the loss of some of their income, in the future this will help fish to become easier to catch and be more plenteous. In the event that this solution is used, the fishing industry will rise due to the fact that the fish will become more abundant. The simple solution to this big problem is to limit the amount of fishing that can be done.
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