An Open Letter to Roderick Nash on Island Civilization

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A man named Robert Laughlin once said, "The Earth is very old and has suffered grievously: volcanic explosions, floods, meteor impacts, mountain formation and yet all manner of other abuses greater than anything people could inflict. Yet, the Earth is still here. It's a survivor." Laughlin clearly believes in this quote that the Earth can take care of itself. The Earth has been through worse disasters than just pollution, and extinction of species and plants. Roderick Nash, an environmentalist and activist, says otherwise. In Nash published an essay, Island Civilization: A Vision For Human Occupancy of Earth in the Fourth Millennium, that clearly shows his negative view in humanity. He discusses the history between humans and nature and how humans have been biased against nature. He elaborates by talking about how when people explore the world, they are destroying it in one way or another. Nash also brings up other traits that humans have that should be considered helpful and great. Nash distinctively looks down upon human beings. He brings up scenarios that would benefit the planet. He emphasizes his vision, Island Civilization. He also mentions other scenarios such as garden, future primitive, and wasteland. Nash is constantly blaming humans for the destruction of nature and Earth's wounds, maybe it's true, but Nash under estimates Earth's self healing abilities. Humans can not be the only thing that is hurting the Earth. When you really think about it, Earth goes through a lot of natural disasters, which cannot be controlled. According to an activist, Tim Haering, “Tsunamis, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, disease nature kills more than we kill each other.” Earth throws in all of these natural ... ... middle of paper ... ...o get along with all of the different opinions, beliefs, religions, etc. Nash has little to no logic with his scenario. He does not consider human nature. If humans did not kill each other first, then disease would finally arise and kill off the species. Earth will outlive us all and when the human species eventually dies out, Earth will still be here fixing itself from the damage we have caused, yet continuing with the natural disasters. I do admit, we are polluting the planet, but there will always be some sort of life on Earth even if humans are not. People should not be too worried about destroying the planet because it will heal itself. If people begin to pollute it too much, Earth will kill us off. Roderick Nash, along with many other people, underestimates the power of the Earth. It can take care of itself just like how it has been for over a billion years.

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