How to Overcome Separation Anxiety for First-time Preschoolers

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Leaving your child at school for the first time can be an overwhelming roller coaster ride. First-timers are absolutely full of challenging surprises! But hold on there dear parents. There are helpful ways which could alleviate the separation anxiety. It is significant for us to convey that different folks have different strokes. In the same way, first-time preschoolers have peculiar behaviours too. Some may adjust to the situation easily. However, others can be a handful both to the parent and the teacher. Most especially to those who are very attached to their mom or dad. Moreover, it is arduous for the fulltime moms. Some children tend to be very clingy and their tantrums seem to be endless. Separating from you for the first time is certainly a crucial situation for them. But one thing is for sure, it will all pass. Just give some time for your child to adjust. Complement it with suitable preparations, and then everything else will fall into place. To make it a bit easier for you, here are some tips that might be of help to overcome the separation anxiety of your first-time preschoolers. Earnest explanation can be the trick. Clarify to your preschooler the need to attend school. You can tell your child that everybody has to study. You can go as far as becoming what he wants when he grows up. Or just by simply pointing out that you want him to have more friends. Likewise you want your child to learn more and school is just the perfect place. Describing how enjoyable school is can be constructive. You might want to inform your child where you are while he is at school. And that you will soon pick him up. Brief your child what to look forward to at school. You can start by visiting the school. Enjoy touring aro... ... middle of paper ... ...the chance to get to know her new friends more. You can invite a few kids together with other parents for a simple snack at your home. Then let the kids play. This way when they see each other at school, they will feel more secured without the presence of their own parents. Separation anxiety can pull your strings and give you stress. But just as expected it is pretty quite normal for the first-time preschoolers. The cue is to combat the situation and prepare in a spirited manner. Bear in mind that it may take some time for your child to feel at ease and be comfortable at school. May we suggest to just continue being supportive and understanding. Then eventually everything will come out smoothly. Good luck dear parents! And as for us, we’re still crossing our fingers and hoping that our child will soon get well adjusted. So let us together hope for the best!

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