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  • Kindergarten in Turkey

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    economic liberty and respect. That is good for them however, from the side of many young children that is bad because they have to go kindergartens when their mothers go to work. Nowadays, the number of children who go to kindergartens is increasing rapidly. Unfortunately, many of them are growing up without their mother’s love. So sending children to kindergartens causes some problems which are so important like missing or hating mother and home, being a stressful person in early ages and so on.

  • Computers in Kindergarten

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    Computers in Kindergarten Perhaps you are skeptical as to the benefits of using technology with young children and you’re not unsure about using computer technology for your own purpose. Some questions frequently asked are, Does using computers in the primary grades stifle young children’s natural inclination to experiment and explore and hamper the development of independent thought? Will hardware turn primary classrooms from environments that nurture young minds to labs that merely mesmerize

  • Kindergarten Teachers

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    children hood education is important and it is the foundation for the overall growth and development of a children. There was a man name Friedrich Froebel who taught adults how to be a kindergarten teachers. One of his students was Mrs. Carl Schurz, she moved to the United States so she can start the first kindergarten also preschools for the students under age five. Preschools were not started on the United States until around the 1920s. Preschools pretty much stay the same for 40 years with the largest

  • Kindergarten Importance

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    all of us went to the kindergarten. It was wonderful time. I think that kindergartens help us to communicate with other children, make us more friendly, amicable and kindly. Also they can develop our speech. Kindergarten is like a big part of our life, as a school and university. My research question is- "What is the importance of kindergarten". I chose this question because I want to prove to some parents who don't want to give their children here that kindergarten is useful for their

  • Kindergarten Essay

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    Attending kindergarten means having more structure in a child’s young life, and they are ready for it after going to preschool. They have learned to socialize, follow simple rules, and stay on a task longer and longer. They are now ready for more intense learning; this is an opportune time for a teacher to harness the mind and still keep the fun and adventure of a kindergartener’s mind going. Young children learn best with hand on discovery and investigation. They love to experience the world physically

  • The Importance Of Kindergarten Readiness

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    Kindergarten is an important milestone for young children. When children enter kindergarten, there are a variety of children that are from different backgrounds homes and preschools that need a wide range of support in kindergarten readiness. In either scenario parents would like their children ready for kindergarten. Kindergarten Readiness are specific skills and requirements for children who will be entering kindergarten. According to (Graue 1993), kindergarten readiness is a complex idea linked

  • The Importance Of Junior Kindergarten

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    that I wasn’t as familiar with and that would be Junior Kindergarten. I come from a small town in central South Dakota. Where I went to school, there was only Kindergarten thru 12th grade, until the year after I graduated, when a preschool program was started at the school. It wasn’t until I had come to college and started the Early Childhood Education program at South Dakota State University, that I had first heard the term “junior kindergarten.” Over the past semester in my PS1 classes, I have heard

  • The Importance Of Transitioning To Kindergarten

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    students around the world prepare to transition to Kindergarten every year. The skills that Preschoolers attain help prepare them for the changes that will take place in their new environment. The main skills that Preschoolers need for survival in Kindergarten are academic, interpersonal skills, social problem solving, and social competence. Research reported by Diamond and Robinson(2014) within their journal discussed how transitioning to Kindergarten was a major concern for parents. Parents expressed

  • Kindergarten Readiness Case Study

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    during the kindergarten readiness process must be addressed for a smoother transition for young students. The necessity of addressing (1) teacher involvement in readiness transition and (2) effective communication interactions with the parent will be identified as a means in which to bring better results for student transition into kindergarten. One study defines the important role of early parent and teacher interaction as a means in which to resolve these anxieties for kindergarten readiness: “Early

  • Kindergarten Students are Fantastic Writers

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    This article is about how utilizing Writers Workshop is important, and how holding writing conferences can potentially benefit kindergarten students. The purpose of this article was to consider that kindergarten students are fantastic writers, regardless of what stage of the process at which they are performing. This article sheds a new light on the stories constructed solely out of hand-drawn photographs. It is emphasized throughout the article that holding a conference for each student one time