Preschool: Is it Worth it?

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There are about a million and one things to look into when parents are deciding if they will send their child to preschool. The history of preschool shows a lot of interesting information about how preschools have changed and how they affect students. It is said that preschool will give students a head start. There is also the price to think about when sending children off to preschool. But those are just a few of the many factors people may think about before sending their little one off to school. Some other things that are not usually brought up right up front are locations of preschools, the curriculum taught, the types of teachers, etc. People generally just think about the cost and the fact they have a place to send their child to learn while they work. The location of a preschool could or could not mean everything. Parents should look at recommendations for certain preschools. They should also see if the location is in a place they would like to leave their child all day. Some preschools may claim they are in a great location and have the best reviews. A parent could go to drop off their child and realize the place does not look completely safe and is in a bad part of town. The parent(s) then have to worry all day long, hope that they left their children in a safe place and hope they are okay. When it comes to looking for a place to send a child to learn one of the big factors, but less talked about, is location. Another factor parents may not look into when finding a preschool is the curriculum that will be taught. “Despite decades of federal, state, and local programs intended to support young children’s preparation for schooling, children from low-income families continue to begin formal schooling at a disadvant... ... middle of paper ... ...won’t learn anything, they may have made some good friends, or enemies, but they never really realized how to do certain things the teacher wanted them to grasp. Some of the most important, but not necessarily most discussed, things parents should look into can turn out to be how successful their child was in preschool. The location of a preschool can affect whether or not a student or the students parents feel safe about them being there. The curriculum can be the deciding factor when it comes to what the student is going to leave preschool knowing new things or having the same mentality as before. The teachers that are watching over and teaching young children are also very important. Some teachers are much more qualified to work with preschoolers than others. These factors should most likely be looked at thoroughly before parents decide their children’s future.
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