How to Increase a Business Sale

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Among the many meanings of the word business, the one that describes it most is "the condition of being busy." Being busy in making profit is what business is about. There are many kinds of businesses operating to make profit but the one that has the most business men choose to operate is retail business. Retail business sells goods manufactured by different companies. Convenience stores come under the retail business category. I just started managing a convenience store and the major problem that I am facing is low sales. Convenience stores sales, like any other business, depend mostly on customer service. Better customer service will improve the sales and vice versa. Customer service means handling the customers, having the goods that the customer needs, and fare prices on those goods etc.

Solution Alternatives

There are many ways to improve customer service at convenience stores. The first option can be increasing the inventory of the store. The second solution can be treating the customers in good and friendly manners. The third solution can be competing the prices of competitors.

Evaluating of the Alternatives

Convenience stores are for people who are mostly on the run. So, it's very important to have the goods that the customers want the stores or expect from the store to have. For example there is a convenience store near my house. When I went there the first time looking for ice cream, I found out that they don't have ice cream for sale. That was a bit of surprise for me. Now, if I need any thing I don't stop at that store thinking that they might doesn't have it. So having what the customer is looking for is very important to increase the sales because it will result in return of the customer. But the convenience stores should be careful while increasing their inventory because it may result in investing in products that have little or no sales. Such products do nothing but wasting stores money because of no return.

When a customer walks in the store with a smile, it's store clerks or managers responsibility to make him/her leave with a smile.
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