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  • Convenience or Quality?

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    food covers almost every culture. We have American, which is a McDonalds or Jack in the Box. We have Chinese, which is Panda Express. We have Mexican, which is Taco Bell or Del Taco. The list goes on. The reason for all of these restaurants is the convenience of getting the food you want when you want it. The cost of the food is relatively low and tastes fairly good. What food classifies as fast food? My definition of fast food is a place that has drive through or a sit-down area, inside or outside

  • Modern Conveniences in America

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    Modern Conveniences Living in a time where modern conveniences are at hand makes an easy life. If the everyday objects like microwaves, air conditioning, and televisions were taken away people would not be able to function. The American society was not always so lucky to have everything effortless. Before microwaves and refrigerators were invented, people truly had to work for their food. Inventions have really made every day lives convenient. The microwave oven revolutionized cooking, making

  • Convenience Store as Metaphor for a University

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    Convenience Store as Metaphor for a University The university is a convenience store located along the highway of life. It's not a place the customer-student necessarily wants to stop at, but looking at the gas gauge of opportunity, the customer has decided to stop and fill up on knowledge in order to continue on the journey. Everything the university offers can be compared with an item offered at the convenience store. The knowledge a student is buying can be compared to the different grades

  • Too Much Convenience?

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    The answer to the question of whether society places too much value on convenience is an easy one, yes. It’s plain to see in the steady deterioration of our minds and bodies. Lack of stimulation is slowly reducing our ability to interact with rather and take care of ourselves. We as a society can no longer survive without the aid of internet, cellphones, kitchen appliances, and other modern amenities. Think about it, when was the last time you physically touched, or even witnessed the touching

  • The Importance Of Convenience In Society

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    Convenience. Making life easy. What better way to nourish your body than to remain seated the entire time you go get your food - the magical Drive-Thru. But it’s not really nourishing for your body or the environment. With everything made “disposable” so there’s no fuss with washing dishes, you are left with the simplicity of a complex material: plastic. It is mass produced and sold cheap, yet the cost is unfathomable. Convenience has been more of a hinderance than a help for our culture - more specifically

  • The Conveniences of E-Commerce

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    The Conveniences of E-Commerce As a child, going shopping consisted of packing the family into our station wagon and driving an hour to a decent sized mall in another town. We would go from store to store, looking for deals in each store and the flyers at the door. I would play the store’s video game consoles while my sisters tried on countless amounts of clothing. After hours of this, we would grab food and drive the hour back home. We would often find better deals on recently purchased

  • Privacy: Security, Confidentiality, or Convenience?

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    Privacy: Security, Confidentiality, or Convenience? INTRODUCTION The evolution of the Internet started from the department of defense's project, and rapidly distributed to world wide. With the rise of the Internet age comes with the benefits and the concerns. Because of the easeness to communicate information and displaying data, the first amendment needs to be applied to this communication channel. How are we using and communicating information without offending and harm others? Since

  • The Convenience of Credit Cards

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    Credit cards can be invaluable tools for college students. Using a credit card is more convenient than cash, and may help a young adult build credit that will be useful throughout his adult life. However, before a student applies for a credit card, he needs to know how credit works and the consequences associated with the misuse of a credit card. Credit can be very helpful, but may also be dangerous if one does not use it properly. Many students apply for a credit card as a way to have extra

  • Fast Food Convenience Essay

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    The Convenience of Fast Food Fast food has been a commodity of the United States going back as far as the mid-twentieth century to accommodate the influx of people living in the United States. Because of this, the trend began and withstood the test of time; however, today the overall standard of living has changed. Most people in America have access to a local grocery store as well as a kitchen to cook food, so it seems odd that Americans would choose to buy food from a restaurant when

  • Convenience Cookware Case Study

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    requirements? Does the organisation remunerate its employees reasonable wages? In this case scenario, Convenience Cookware acted unethically. Deciding to ship out products they knew were defective and could cause harm to their users is a clear manifestation of grossly flawed ethical behavior. The fact that the probability of the ovenware exploding under the listed conditions was low does not mitigate Convenience Cookware’s misconduct. The management knew that were the conditions under which the ovenware would